“I want to marry a lighthouse” n other poems

By: Ricky Garni



Any lighthouse. I’m not too particular.
As long as it has a light that works.
And adores me and the funny things
I say about the sea.



I saw Don’s black mustache turn white but since his skin was skinny you could see the mustache except for in the black and white photographs where he might as well have shaved and forgotten all about his stylish invisible face bottom part but none of us who love him will forget because that’s our job to love his parts and we love this part and all the others too and always will: Goodbye, Don.


I never thought about the men that you find beneath hats but I better start soon because hats are disappearing just like the bees are disappearing well not just like the bees because the hats are flying away on windy days and the bees are being smooshed by men who have no hats on top of them.


Chekov’s beautiful face is easier to remember than his short stories and his short stories are extremely easy to remember even if you are the sort of person who remembers nothing, for instance: am I married? I don’t remember! But you remember Chekhov’s face because it is beautiful mostly because it is next to his wife Olga and it isn’t that she is beautiful without Chekhov nor could you say that Chekhov is beautiful without her but with each other and in spite of the rocky times they most certainly had you can see in this photograph that they were beautiful in love and for a moment you have to forget all the things that you find inside the book that has this photograph on it, this book called Chekhov, you must forget this book, and just remember nothing but what you see here.


My favorite days are the ones when the sun comes up and down at the same time. The best part is the booming sound and then the sound of the glass of the stars breaking the glass of the earth.


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