Poem: Barneys & Midas Circus Pivots East

By: Chuck Orloski


Author’s (poem) prologue:People like me depend upon the internet to help detect where all the decadent American political culture and absent treasury goes into the Terror War future. Recently, my son Dan took advantage of The Wall Street Journal’s offer of a free three month subscription. Consequently, for the past month, I got an open view into Rupert Murdoch turf; areas where top notch Web Site journalists (in dissent) rarely trespass. There I saw a time weathered (reserve currency) Neon Dollar Sign point to Far East landscape, for more gold. And yes – the POTUS election is indeed “rigged” much more systematical than either Secretary Clinton or Trump can say.


Oh European Union,
remembering IBM and Limeys who walked tight rope
(both ends) to defeat dark competition
and mindful of how we cherished Merkel and Hebdo,
regrettably, you’ve become burdensome parasites –
Fallen down, fallen down… rise up ye Brexit!
For it’s time to pack goat skin tents, “make it rain,”
pivot eastward to N.W.O. Asia!

Oh, Amerika,
Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” boom,
magically downsized to blip-blip echoes
and Flight Data Animator & the ghost of St. Louis
slug-it-out in a Super Baal cage match.
Continental gloom, Motor City needs Marshall Plan,
Electric City (Scranton) needs a Houdini Plan,
and why don’t U.S. economic lions “roar anymore?” 1.

Oh Iran and Syria, very soon,
N.P.T. fireworks (ones Jerusalem ain’t got!) unleashed.
Russia settles for Tartus, a shooting-rubber duck stand.
ISIL orangutangs get one-way tickets to Brazil
and muezzin clowns wander around Damascus-in-ruin
in search for Six Day War borders.

Oh One-Eye Earth Z-lings,
“Welcome to the show that never ends!”
Soon, our halo-laden circus rolls along
a Trans-Siberian Railroad spur to Bangkok.
On Spice, the “West” banks upon mass consumption
of (frozen) Big Macs and Mayflower’s scheduled
to sail away on eBay, November 8, 2016.
From Greater Israel’s Manifest Jubilee
to Mumbai Promontory Point, the Barneys & Midas
barkers cry, “Oh buddha, are you ready to address
the Four Tigers/Israeli Political Action Committee?”


1. The Wall Street Journal, “Why the Economy Doesn’t Roar Anymore,” by Marc Levison,
October 15-16, 2016; Page C1.

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