Story: Armless

By: Sri Ram


“So, hunting for a job you ended up in here?” Ryan asked.
“Yes. Is there a problem with it?” David replied politely.
“There is a problem dude. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? You ain’t look like a contract killer but you definitely look like a research student at Carnigie. Nobody give you any assignment kid”
“Guess, I am qualified for the job then!” Ryan didn’t miss to notice it. David looked composed when he said that.
They both hid themselves inside a stolen number-plate changed Porche and were keenly observing Fernando, the town’s biggest business magnet in his Hummer smoking a cigarette while his driver drove the Hummer moments later after buying some medicines from the CVS pharmacy.
“He is the fish. A real big fish. You would be paid a million if you ensure his corpse burn in fire” Ryan said after keeping a stack of 100 notes of 100 dollar currency in David’s pocket. The Hummer was already on the road.
Ryan leaned forward a bit and looked David in his eye.
“You have seen his beauty?” he said in a croaky voice.
“No. Stay. I got to do something here” David opened up the door and jumped out. He then strolled into the pharmacy.
When he came back he had a pack in his hand that had ‘Candiderma’ written on its sides.
“What is it for?” puzzled Ryan asked.
“You don’t want to know everything about my body” David said.
That left Ryan a bit disappointed as he thought it must have got something to do with the assignment.
“Do you have Fernando’s number?” David asked.
“What are you up to kid? You would not want the cops to find you from the list of calls in Fernando’s mobile. Would you?” Ryan warned.
“Weren’t you taught about numbers in school?” David insisted.
Ryan glazed at David and shared Fernando’s number with David. When David called, it was none other than Fernando who lifted the phone.
“It’s Fernando” Fernando said.
As Ryan looked at David hauntedly,
“Lived your life? Had all fun on the planet? Enough of a sucking life, Fish. I will have you killed by 3PM tomorrow” David said.
The man at the other end laughed uncontrollably on the phone.
“Who are you kiddo? There are 70 tough men holding weapons of the century in my home guarding my breath. Cut the call before I change my mind. It’s your good time that you called me when I am in good mood to forgive kids” Fernando replied.
“You have no clue Fernando. Do you remember the Bulgarian Smuggler whom you believe you have killed?”
“Did you ever get his corpse?”
The other end was silent for a brief moment.
“For now this tiny piece of information is my identity card, Fernando. You should learn to do a clean job my dear friend. Like the one that is to happen tomorrow at 3PM. The clock has already started ticking”
David cut the call and looked at Ryan who now looked at Ryan and his phone in his right hand, alternatively with fear and worry in his eyes.
“Are you crazy? Wouldn’t he go to cops if you keep him informed? Who was that Bulgarian anyway?” Ryan shouted.
“Be ready with the rest of my share of money” saying so David leaned back and closed his eyes. Ryan was able to hear him snoring moments later.
The next day morning saw heavy load of cops guarding Fernando’s home. By post noon around 4PM, the local television scrolled flash news about Fernando’s death by heart attack.
Ryan came running to David who was in the backyard of his work shop in downtown with a bottle of wine.
“Fernando died an hour before” Ryan announced.
“Yes. I know”
“What are you are waiting for? The Cops might come here anytime. Just run”
“Why would the cops come here? Fernando already had blood pressure and has already suffered two heart attacks. Those guys at the pharmacy have already told me. It was fear that killed him. I am entitled only for sending fear to his door step but that ain’t culpable homicide dude. ” With Ryan’s eyes transfixed in his eyes, David further asked
“Where is the rest of my money? Ninety thousand dollars”.


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