Poem: I engineered the cyberspace attack upon US election (2016)

By: Chuck Orloski


Since presidential elections
are beyond “We the People” control
and the Deep State always gets their man,
I confess responsibility for Trump’s victory!

In the way American elections are modeled
and from the very start, when programmed
Public Opinion Polls announce who we get,
outcomes are skewed… out of voter control.

Don’t listen to CIA/Mossad’s Jingle Bells Hell!
Like yesteryear’s Cold Castro Warriors,
they attributed Hillary Clinton’s defeat
to Russian hackers who may as well be deader
than the dead-Trotsky, Kamenev, and Zinoviev.

Too late, a “done deal,” ’twas way too late
for Vlad Putin to screw with election 2016.
Obviously, it was me – a Pennsylvania “hacker”
who long ago recognized Election Day unreality
and kept “going along to get along”
with wreckers disguised as Ivy League patriots.

Da, da…
by adhering to Ari Fleischer’s sickly advice,
“Watch what you say, watch what you do,”
it was me who let election ’16 get hacked.
(The cyber silence of a dead soul in space)
“Take me to your leader, Secretary Mad Dog????”
Worries for fear Mitch McConnell might zap me,
and driven to seek anonymity of the herd,
I confess this poem is U.S. democracy’s death mask!


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