Poem: El Chapo’s revenge

At West Wing desk, Reince Priebus takes a collect call and summons President Trump to answer.

By: Chuck Orloski


“It’s Joaquin,” said El Chapo. “Remember me?”
(an untypical pensive silent delay)
“Oh, you mean the guy who played Johnny Cash in Walk The Line?”
“No… I am Guzman who got pinched and walked the D.E.A. Line.”
“Guzman, eh? Sounds Jewish… uh, where are you now?”
“Eating breakfast and badged assholes are wire tapping this call!”
“You have a problemo, eh El Chapo.”
“Not really and I think I can help finance your border wall.”
“Okay, let’s talk,” replied President Trump, “Make it quick!”
“My drug cartel empire diversified and I’m tight with Carlos Slim.”
“Keep talking, I’m listening.”
“One investment was coordinating the placement of illegals in US cities.”
“Oh… and here I thought US Chamber of Commerce ran that show?”
“They tried, but those pip squeaks had to go through me!”
“So what’s the deal? You know I can’t budget building a m-fucken’ wall.”
“Simple. Issue me a pardon and new identity with Goldman Sachs Mexico.”
“And what’s ‘in it’ for making America great again, hombre?”
“Hordes of cheap temp labor and black market materials for your wall.”
“Hm, that’s one way I can get back at that little prick, Taco Nieto.”
“Just don’t tell anyone, including your Jew son-in-law?”
“Don’t fuck-me-over or I’ll sic Mad Dog on your ass.”
“Do we have a deal, Manitas?”
“I’ll run your kinda goofy pardon idea by Comey and get back soon.”
“You can have a Trojan Trump Horse Casino in Mexico City too.”
“Tremendous, I get it Joaquin!”

Authors note: The U.S. government disseminates information much similar to the modus operandi of a lyric in the old popular Simon & Garfunkel song, “The Boxer.” It’s theatrical Standard-Operating Procedure for the American/Zionist Empire’s general population to hear only what the ruling class wants them to hear, and there is an unwritten mandate for them to quickly “disregard the rest,” or else. Doubtless, governing elites (throughout history) have built mental walls which are designed to conceal political truth from the masses. Below is an interesting Reuters article which manged to sneak beneath the administration’s mental divide, crossed far north from Tijuana, ran and took revenge upon my attention span.



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