Poem: Alchemist

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey


Inside me there is an alchemist transmuting
The negative impulses into positive energy
Churning thoughts into a cauldron of self-retrieval.
Inside me the renewal of dying impulses
form the halo of lumniscient rays ,
melting the prison bars into a river of light
which lead me from bondage to freedom.
It is freedom from the prison of my own captive thoughts
And spinning wheels of lies which plague consciousness
against reason and cloud the clamorous self
with porous myths to sheild and armour
the fragile moments encapsuled in seeds of ego.
The suffused light spreads like waves of sea
becalming the agitated shore into a sea of tranquility.
A vision illumined from depth of feelings,
changes the universe into viewless grandiose within.
A grand retrieval of night and day plays upon buried instincts
transmuting the senseless whirl of worries in the quietitude.
The alchemist fills my static self with many colours,
Suffused with the radiance of soul produced within
A serene flame burns spreading flood of light within,
Changing the slags of emotion into cascade of celestial joy.
And I get metamorphosed into a bird
Soaring high in the sky of ecstasy.


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