Story: Girls

By: Daisy Sortibran


Amethyst scrunched up her nose as she watched the seats in the big red tent began to fill up. Her dad had dragged her and her younger siblings to the circus and she wasn’t happy about it. She could smell the stench of the circus animals in the air even though they weren’t present yet. Although Amethyst loved animals, she couldn’t stand circuses because of the demeaning way they treated them. And even knowing that, her dad and siblings were still stuffing hot dogs and popcorn in their faces supporting the mistreatment. She sighed, as someone slipped into the seat next to her.

“You look angry,” The girl sitting next to her stated. She frowned deeper and crossed her arms over her chest. “You’ll look prettier if you smile.”

“I didn’t ask you for your opinion on my attractiveness.” Amethyst scoffed, turning away from her and toward the tent as the lights began to dim. She wasn’t normally such a short-tempered person, but being here and knowing the barbaric treatment to animals put her in a bad mood.

“Oh?” She prodded. She wasn’t trying to flirt with her, she was just curious as to why she seemed so upset when everyone around was excited for the show. “I’m Kai by the way, come on tell me?”

She looks at her from the corner of her eye and muttered, “No” She paused. ”my name is Amethyst.”

“Are you sure— Kai spaciously asked but then got cut off by Amethyst.

“I’m fine!”

The tiger roars for help, as the man with the dazing outfit whips him. The man demands him to jump through the blazing ring, every kids face lights up with joy while the tiger leaps for his life. Amethyst stands up with fury and marches her way out of the tent. Her head replays the image of the tiger getting wiped into jumping through the death trap. Amethyst eyes fill will tear as her heart becomes weak, Kai follows after her.

“Hey hey hey, what’s wrong beautiful?” Kai stumbled to get a hold of Amethyst.

“It isn’t fair, they shouldn’t be treated that way. It’s inhuman!” She yelled towards the tent. Amethyst looks at Kai and notices how pretty she really is. She blushes with embarrassment. “Oh I’m sorry, that was really loud.”

“Haha no tell them, it’s true anyways.” Kai chuckled. Her hair begins flow through the wind charming amethyst, her hazel eyes caught her by surprise but also gave her a comfortable feeling. “Well if you think that’s inhuman, then you have too much faith in humanity,” Kai Stated. “Hey let me buy you something to cheer you up.”

“Okay.” Amethyst grind, she wasn’t sure what her father would think of her just leaving, but she couldn’t really care right now. She was being offered free stuff.

They walked towards the stand with big bold letters spelling out ‘Fresh Goods’, Amethyst was still a little upset about the animals but decided that maybe some food might make her feel better.

“What do you want?” Kai asked, pulling a leather wallet from her back pocket.

“Really? A leather wallet?” Amethyst sighed, then added. “I’ll get whatever you’re having.”

Kai smiled knowingly at her, “It’s faux leather,” Then turned to the hunched over old man behind the counter. “Fried Oreos, please.”

“Wow,” Amethyst breathed, widening her eyes dramatically. “Either I have found another animal lover or you’re just too cheap to buy actual leather.”

Kai rolled his eyes as she grabbed the two plates with fried Oreos. “It’s actually both of those reasons, don’t underestimate me.” Kai chided

“I wish there was a way to release all those animals” Amethyst exclaimed reaching for the Oreo on the plate.

“Well luckily you meant the right person today.” Kai exclaims with a full mouth full of deliciousness. “My parents own this place and I’ve tried telling them that they should ban the whole animal part in the show, but they don’t listen. They only care about money.” Kai looked at her in disappointment. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? It’s not your fault” Amethyst quickly replied.

“I know but it makes me sad that I can’t do anything.” Kai states as she takes another big bit of the Oreo.

Amethyst giggles.

“What?” Kai mutters

She smiles brightly “Nothing!”

Kai looks at her annoyingly “Come on what is it? Is there something on my face?” She liens in.

“Yeah you do, here I’ll get it.“ Amethyst whips the Oreo particles off of the side of Kai’s lips. They pause.

Amethyst moves away quickly and stutters to say “Thanks for the oreos, by the way”

“No problem,” Kai grinds.

“Okay so how are we releasing these beautiful Animals from this hell hole!” Amethyst yells.

“WHAT?”Kai surprisingly exclaims.


Daisy Sortibran poem “Hello My Youth Self” has recently been published at eskom pie. Her day job is at The Museum of Latin American Arts, she organizes the events and ground-breaking exhibitions. On the weekends Daisy enjoys cruising and bombing hills on her skateboard.

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