Poem: Not a weakness

By: Linda M Crate


stop staring
a picture would last longer,
but don’t expect me
to pose;
your entire existence annoys me
when you feel the necessity
to be rude
i try not to be cruel
sometimes my tongue is a better sword
than a comfort—
i don’t know what you want from me,
but i am already sick of your need;
i have always been a giver
but people always take more than i am
willing to give
so i am done trying to find my people because
i don’t think they’re here in this place
full of my discontent
i hate this city
wish it would burn down so only the trees remained,
and they would fight back against humanity;
might even make me smile
i might even help them—
dine on your arrogance and watch as you are cut down
by people like me who have been pushed to the brink
kindness has it’s limits and our kindness has always
been a strength not a weakness.


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