Poem: Let them fly

By: Linda M Crate


i refuse to sacrifice
the light within
to the darkness out there
because the world
deserves better
we need more lighthouses
among the storms
to guide the dreamers home,
and if i can be of use
to such broken hearts then let me
breathe back to them their lives and their
dreams they abandoned for their
because we all need to have hope
a reason to believe
so that we do not succumb to darknesses
greater than our shoulders
if every man and women knew their power
and their magic and their light
the world would never be robed in darkness
let their wings fly again these that have been broken
because life is good at fracturing us,
and we have to make the choice to be victims or overcomers;
i want to blind the world in love so bright that hate
has no place to hide not even in the darkest of monuments or moments
not even in the dark shadows of caves.


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