Poem: Suplexed by Seraphims

By: Ryan Quinn Flanagan


suplexed by seraphims
in someone’s rotting sex dream
muscle ripped from cartilage
the adventurist under an avalanche
of high end backpacks

flyers torn away from phone pole
leaving only stapled yellow corners

support beams offering no support

our resident shoplifter
with a pocketful of dandelions

it is an election year
the year of the snake

clanking fingers wrapped around cold beer
in bars

the laughter of the hyena
the vendors all with wheel well eyes
colluding smoke from fire

I fix my belt because I cannot fix the World Series
remove lazy stones from idle shoes

harpoon meets whale halfway
in consecutive kelp-stunk nightmares

graffiti artist spray cans spit
their lonely colour.


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