Poem: Lighthouse

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey

When waiting gets tireless
your feet get numb and stiff
the patches of dark clouds
hover over your head
and all roads get blocked
you will always see me around
to make you feel, relieved,
to make you cool and going.
When you feel low and beaten
and your senses betray your reason
you will always find me
breathing a new life in you.
When you get weary of life
and cast a blank look forged with
tremors of heart and detest
my smile and silence
will always welcome you
When you fall –
in to gloomy circle of inferno
and black souls encrypted
make you deaf to songs of Solomon,
my soft syllables shall pour
into your ear the melody of salvation.
When all roads lead to darkness,
you lose track of light, find your way
lost in the alleys of clouded reason
I will be your light ,a sunshine
in your brooding gloom.
You will always find me not dead
but living in every sensation of your dream .


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