Poem: Keep out

By: S.CS


What business do you have
traveling through my dreams
as though you owned them?

You and all your teasing and talkin’
at me, flirting and then drifting away.
I can’t hold you in this place, but then,

come to think of it, I never
could in the woken world either.
Listen to me! These are my dreams.

Last time I checked, I owned them.
So what I’m sayin’ is, keep out! Take the long way around if you

must, but don’t pass through my dreams.
Didn’t you see the “No Trespassing” sign?
They aint much–these dreams–but they’re

mine. And they are kind of personal.
I prefer not to open them up to the public.
Go back the way that you came. Pass the

broken perceptions and ruins
of a better time, and be sure to pass through the border checkpoint that
protects my sovereign dream nation from yours.

And don’t forget to take your attitude with
you and that ironic smile. Honestly, it’s as
though you’d have me believe that the intruder

in this place were not you–
but me.



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