Month: July 2017

Poem: Keep out

By: S.CS What business do you have traveling through my dreams as though you owned them? You and all your teasing and talkin’ at me, flirting and then drifting away. I can’t hold […]

Poem: Fantasy

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick Two mimes busy themselves; fabricating a view of the world Adults chuckle, children giggle Where the mimes go, people ensue One mime trapped, an invisible box concocts perplexity […]

A Secret Door

By: Raymond Greiner Natural wonders stir awe in a display of harmonious balance in contrast to modern human civil composition. Ancient humanity was firmly attached to natural terrestrial arrangements in opposition to present […]

Poem: Image

By: Lynn White Somehow the mirror has broken fragmenting my image, the image I have of myself, the one I like to project.. Was it the sunlight that cracked it, the exposure to […]