Story: 6 out of 6

By Ramprasath Rengasamy


When it is time to prove myself before a bevy of cruel men who involve in all sorts of crimes and trafficking that are known to this world, I don’t go to my bedroom, gently close the door, lie on the bed and have a good 5 hours sleep. But this man nick-named and popularly known as “Columbus” does that every time he gets into one such situation.
To me, he was one whose body challenges to all known laws of human physiology. In situations when a human’s adrenaline should go high, his would go low and very normal like a gently flowing noiseless river. I would not be surprised if I get to see him reading financial times in a strip club or eating a full size pizza while sitting in a mortuary room.
I still remember the day when he was given an assignment by the “Teacher” of Columbia. He was to smuggle 25 kilograms of gold from a town in South Africa to a city in New Zealand. I don’t know much about this from the business perspective since I am new to this whole thing. All I know was from the point he jumped into action.

By then, I should confess that he had attained some sort of a reputation among the undercover criminals and all of that reputation came from his 5/5 successful attempts. He was expected in all major prisons but to none he visited or was brought. So as per records, he was definitely going to succeed in smuggling the Gold but how was he going to do it was the only question that puzzled all of us.

The Airports had tightened its grip. Sea route was completely unsafe due to the Somalia pirates. But on the said data, somehow Columbus managed to bring the gold to New Zealand.

He took close to 6 months of time but during the first 165 day time, we never saw him in places where he would usually be found.

I was well aware of his course of action as I was the one who was appointed to follow him from Africa to New Zealand. I was not supposed to make any form of communication with him but he should not move away from my eye-sight. I travelled in the same plane as he did. I pretty much watched him all through the long hours of journey in flight to New Zealand. He and his only carry-on luggage were thoroughly tested at clearance and yet he managed to bring the Gold to New Zealand.


Yes. That was the only question in everyone’s mind but none of us dared to ask.

The following day, he delivered the ‘package’ to the gold merchant whose name I don’t intend to reveal here. But if you go in pursuit of the one who bought a huge volume of shares of the Swedish Automobile manufacturing company, chances are more that you may get a clue on who was the merchant.

Well, in the end, the package was indeed smuggled by our hero “Columbus” who had his success rate counted to 6/6 now. No one else got to know how he managed to smuggle 25kgs of gold despite heavy checks at the Airport clearance.

But I must tell you all what I saw the other day in his room. There was a girl named Dixie whom I desperately wanted to woo but she always fell for “Columbus”. Not only did I saw Dixie there in his room with him trying to make out with her while she was submissive to his advances, I also saw Ratchet wheel, Trip Spring, Plunger Spring, Spring pawl, Setting plunger and so on with a sheet of paper that announced that he skipped the theoretical classes but attended only the practical ones in Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering.

Do you get anything?… Nah??… Me too.

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