Story: A Flickering Light

By: Daginne Aignend


She feels restless, tensed, without a reason actually just nervous and twitchy. It was the time of the day they call the twilight zone when daylight slowly fades into total darkness.

A deep resonant sound rumbles in the distance, could that be a thunderstorm? That would explain her uneasiness, she always has been afraid of lightning.

Did she hear the cat meow? Sapphire is also probably a little jumpy about whatever is coming their way. Hesitantly she goes outside, calling her cat.

A sudden gust of wind makes the leaves rustle, the sky turns into a curious color, a brownish kind of gray.

Carefully, she walks into the garden, her eyes narrowed in the semi-darkness when she sees it, a strange flickering light shimmering through the trees. She freezes, hypnotized by the phantasmagorical play of the light beams. Suddenly it feels chilly, how could the fog come up so quickly, she hardly can see the magical light anymore now all is covered by the cold dampness of the mist, it looks like she tries to see through milk. It even smells moist, a putrescent humid stench. She rubs her arms, shivering in the frightening atmosphere. Why didn’t she have put a jacket on, it’s really bitterly cold.

‘Sapphy, where are you, come home sweety, mommy is gonna get you some diner’ her voice trembles a little. It would be an understatement saying she doesn’t feel comfortable out here, she turns to get inside the house again.

Ice-cold claws are touching her feet, steadily stroking up to her knees. She can’t move, someone or something grasped her in its frosty iron fists. In pure agony, she starts to scream.

Something soft is caressing her legs, she hears a familiar comforting sound. Warily, she glances, looking straight into the big questioning cat eyes of Sapphire. ‘Meow’ Sapphire moves towards the kitchen, hungry as always.

The light bulb on the ceiling flashes for the last time before it fades out.

She must have been fallen asleep …

While fondling the purring Sapphire she smiled because of her idiocy. Sometimes you just start to imagine all kind of things during dusk.

She opens the tin of cat food, salmon in a juicy sauce, and makes herself a nice cup of relaxing chi tea.

Meanwhile, outside, prying eyes are watching every movement.



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