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By: Paulo Lorenzo L. Garcia


You’re like a star
So near, yet so far
and I am a starburst
Of white-hot rage
cursing the horizon dividing us two
and once snuffed out by senile rage
our story begins anew
I have known distance, love, war
and other forms of static
Amidst the egg of the cosmos
I lay hunched
to hear the news too late
How come nobody told me?
How come?
How come nobody told me that the high heavens
could never kiss the humble earth?
That gravity would never pull us together
Or that time was not patient?
How did I not see that the Earth
would not stand still
and wantonly continues its elliptical course?
Leaving nothing
but the space between us heralded
by a debris of stardust
beneath our feet.


Paulo Lorenzo L. Garcia writes whenever his mouth can’t speak in his never-ending quest for awareness both of himself and of the people around him. A self-confessed homebody, he writes all the way from Quezon City, Philippines. He is a BSED Graduate, majoring in English. He is currently braving the turbulent waters of the most spine-tingling thought ever to plague the human mind: teaching high school students. His interests include reading classic literature, writing, and the British Monarchy. He is not known to be the life of the party, but rather its gruesome death. You’ve been forewarned. Garcia’s poetry has appeared in Young Writers of Earth and The Literary Yard.



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