Poem: Sadness

By: Zunayet Ahammed

alone tree and moon in night

Happiness lost
Melancholy approaches
Lights fade
Flowers far away
Stopped have the songs of the birds
Rivers not flowing
Greenness of the green
pummels me like a hawk
Beauty of the dancers
doesn’t mesmerise me
Inner music of poetry
today fails to fascinate me
Intellectual discussions
matter little
Frivolity of small boys
doesn’t take me to youthful days

All is over
Nothing left
This feeling haunts me
Dawn to dusk
Sometimes death calls me
to visit her fort
I hear her plea
From afar
But should I go earlier?
Allah knows
I won’t want to say
Good bye to this world
As I’ve many duties to perform
For mankind and for the world.

So every moment I escape sadness
For there’s another beginning of life.
Zunayet Ahammed is Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh.


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