Poem: Drawing Conclusions

By: Kelly Miller


Making longwinded strokes painting a picture worth 1,000 words and more
White washing life so my true colors won’t show through
Cleaning the chalk from the slate again
Does my life really imitate my art, shades of grey?
Contradicting myself and my methods
Still trying to mix oil and water
Yet making efforts to color with every crayon in my box
Airbrushing reality
Crumpling and chucking shady sketching
My black ink wells up and overflows onto white surfaces
Exposing indecisive techniques and dangerous experimentation
Chemicals strong and unbalanced
Fumes rising and lingering and my brown eyes watering
Wheezing over labored breathing
Eraser residue all over every composition, detailed indecision
Working so hard at blending my priorities and I’m stomped
Contrasting personalities butting heads trying to get the last word
My soul is a fully renovated home in which resides dysfunction
I want my images to be as perfect as my contemporaries
In my search for the ideal existence
I paint a portal and jump through
Escaping the real world for another fighting chance
Leaving a trail of glitter behind me

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