Literary Yard

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By: Linda M Crate


it’s no skin off
my nose
if you don’t like me

my heart is a skein
of stars
not everyone knows

to make of,
but i am a tapestry
of galaxies

woven into bones;
i don’t try
to hide my fire

don’t crucify myself
for the needs of others anymore
i think they hate me for that

always wanting to put me in a box
or in chains to the slavery of their needs,
but i won’t be held in bondage—

i am no one’s slave
won’t bend nor break to the will
of any man

i am who i am
take me or leave me
either way i am going to be

who i truly am
stand in the warmth of my love
or the coldness of my silence

the choice is yours
i don’t have all day to decide
will only spend time with those who see me

appreciating me for everything i am
instead of reminding me of
everything i have failed at.


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