How to become an amazing motivational speaker

waqar3Public speaking is not easy but an art that takes a lot from you before you master it. It not only requires a lot of hardwork but courage to put your ideas across in front of an audience. Never assume that you can not become a good speaker if you are afraid of  facing people. Constant practice and will to put your ideas across can help you capture the pulse of the audience and make them heard. Most of the public speakers who have earned a name for motivating people were afraid of standing a bunch of people in their initial days.

However, there are a few key things that all of us need to keep in mind while becoming a good motivational speaker. In order to help you become an impeccable motivational speaker we have put in place a few tips that will help you become a good speaker.

1# Know what you want to say
It is critical that you make up your mind about the topic that you wish to raise in a public speech. You can not simply go and start barking on anything. Know your subject really well. Pick up a topic that you can easily speak on. Examples add a true flavor and help you strike a chord with the people in the hall.

2# Make a mentor
When you are not clear about doing it yourself,  take the help of a specialist  in an area. In this case, it can be a popular motivational speaker. He/she can help you become an orator or motivational speaker. Look around you and see who can help/guide you.

3# Know your audience
Public speaking is an art that is perfected overtime through practice and toil. First of all it is critical that you establish a connect with your audience. It will be possible when you are aware of the taste of the audience or the taste of the evening i.e. the theme of the conference/event where you are about to speak. Even if your topic is different, a bevy of examples can turn the table for you.

4# Work again and again
Don’t just assume that you are ready to speak. You need to take several rounds of rehearsals before you confront an audience. A sudden flash on the stage without preparation might stagger you and destabilize your confidence. To counter this,  you can pen down your speech and practice it till the time you are sure that you can deliver as if every word is yours.

5# Watch videos of your favorite speakers
Youtube is one of the best tools where you find an innumerable videos of your favorite speakers. Watch how they deliver speeches, how they cast magic and how they build a tempo. It can help you become a great speaker overtime.


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