Poem: A Tired Traveler

By: Abishake Koul 


I count the number of flights I have taken this year
I don’t post any statuses or spam social media
I am not sure what is the break even to gloat about it
But I sure feel tired on some days
I guess the planes might too
These powerful birds do a lot of flying
The throttle should feel sore
But the crew in the cabin act all robotic
When I ask about delays and seats I like
The plastic smiles and packaged food
The safety drills and shrilly announcements
And sometimes I see the clouds through the window
Cruising above them at 10,000 ft
Or sometimes the cities all lit up at night
And I don’t feel tired anymore.

Abishake Koul is a poet from the mountains. He started writing poems in school, scribbling verses at the back of his notebooks. He has been published in the journal CLRI, Snapdragon, Taj Mahal Review, the anthology Chants of Peace, The Punch Magazine, The Write Launch, 1888.center, Kashmir Lit and The Unknown Pen.

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