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By: Noah Kim


“Just wait till you’re older”
Is what my mother told me
When I begged her for a phon
Ever since I was fourteen

“You don’t really need it”
My four sisters said to me
But they were being hypocrites
Since they had their own phones

“You know we can’t afford it”
My father tried to explain to me
He had seven kids to feed
So he couldn’t buy a phone for me

“You’ll get one in high school”
My older brother assured me
But I’m already a senior
And I’m still a phoneless teen

“At least you have a laptop”
My younger brother told me
But a laptop is not a phone
Since I can’t carry it conveniently

“I just want a phone please”
I begged again to my mother and father
So they finally said yes, but that was not all
They told me I had to wait until after graduation

So now I have to wait nine months more
To finally get a phone that I really want
It’s so close and within my reach
But I don’t know if I can wait that long


Noah Kim believes that there is no task in the world more exciting than being on jury duty because judging and punishing people are his two favorite hobbies. Noah has many special skills, ranging from microwaving minute rice in fifty-nine seconds to unwrapping Starbursts in his mouth. If Noah could some up his life in one line, he would die of embarrassment.


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