Poem: i’ll be your villain

By: Linda M Crate


you want a villain?
well, fine,
i will forge myself
from all the fire you’ve thrown
at me;

you’ve got the
courage to die?
because i will stop
showing mercy,
and i will hammer out lightening
hotter than zeus’ breath;

my oceans will be your erosion
and my dreams will conquer your nightmares—

yes, i suppose that makes me
sound more like the hero
but you’ve decided
that was you;

so here i stand and i will crumble all your lies
until only the truth remains
because i am done with all your arrows

i’m unleashing my own archers—

all the animals are running with me
& we won’t be stopped
i will turn back the hands of your ruin
because i am elemental

i will take all your sunken ships and secrets
and reveal how tiny you are in the circumference
of the world and i will heal it
before you can destroy.

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