Books Reviews

Cornelia Păun Heinzel : ”The legend of legends”

Translation by : Filip Enache


One day, God called St. Peter to him and said :

  • St. Peter, I want you to go around the world to see haw the people are doing. I gave them the Bible full of lectures to be a teacher and a model in their life. I gave them great writers to create stories for kids, religious stories or even about history inspired by the history of their beloved nation. I gave them poets to delight them with the magic of their lyrics. I gave them musicians to bless them with their music. I gave them bards and singers to sing and imitate their lovely creations. I gave them actors to perform with talent the beautiful creation of the play writers. I want to know if they’re enjoying my gifts and if these gifts straight from my pure heart have really changed the way they live in a good way and my work wasn’t for nothing.

St. Peter quickly embarked on a long journey. He climbed some of the tallest mountains, he went down on the beaches with gold sand hearing the music of the fisherman. He went through cities and villages, that wisdom of proverbs and popular sayings and looked at various occasions, being charmed of the spiritual wealth of the ceremonies. He went with people to church to religious services. He participated with them to pray and St. Peter’s journey was over.

He went straight back to heaven with many to say about what the has seen. He presented before the Holly God.

  • Holly God, he said, I have searched the whole world. I have listened to the beautiful lyrics of people and their great songs. I went and prayed with them at the church. I participated to their charming celebrations. I saw great theater plays. I heard stories that made my ear rejoice. I read with pleasure books for kids they were magical, fantastic, histotical, philosophical, religious, romantic, satirical. But, I still have a problem. I don’t know what type are those stories that contain fantastic or unthinkable embroidered on the backround of a historical reason or something totally different never heard of before that explains something or even a creature. The different character of something, someone historical, or a hero that has been proven to be a myth or even a phenomenon they’re different from the truth and they should have a different name.

  • You spoke the truth, St. Peter . I thought long ago of something like this. I meditated long enough and I want from now on these different stories to be named legends, God said.

  • God, then these must be the legend of legends because it narrates how legends are created, said St. Peter.

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