Poem: A Zombie Affair

By: Wendy Loh


Frozen fountains in the street,
My breath was weak and out of heat,
Not enough of whiskey, perhaps – ah, indeed!
One more round to drown my putrid grief.

She loved those fountains down the street,
It was her favourite spot to meet,
There I stood for a little peep – ah, indeed!
This maiden so fair, strange and sweet.

But the crazy driver didn’t give a shit,
He rammed the fountains down the street,
There she was all bloodied
It was too early for trick or treat.

(oh, how my eyes still weep!)

Now, the fountains are new and neat,
Her final home free from reckless feet,
Where I lay down at last for drunken sleep,
Beneath the stars our hearts together beat.

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