Story: Dowry

By: Ramprasath


Maha alias Mahalakshmi was very determined to not entertain dowry in her marriage.
“Maha, we may have to be flexible when good profiles approach us ma” her father Natarajan tried to convince her.

“Dowry is a sin papa. This thing has screwed so many lives of innocent girls. This practice should be abolished. I am not here to support it at any cost.” Maha said firmly.
Maha had to skip so many profiles to stick back to her disinterest on Dowry. In the end she received two recommendations from the agent. Both were appealing by horoscope and other aspects.

That evening agent Sadhasivam visited Maha and Natarajan at their house.

“Guess we may have to loose both profiles” he said to Natarajan while Maha listened.

“Why? Are they expecting dowry?” Natarajan asked.

“If they asked, turn them down uncle” Maha intervened.

“No Maha. These guys are really good. They say no for dowry ever since I got their profiles.” Sadhasivam said.

“Then what is the problem? They like us and we like them. It is mutual now right?” Natarajan asked.

“Since they demand no dowry, there are many brides showing interest on them. So the competition is too heavy and many of those brides are more beautiful than our Maha” Sadhasivam said.

After a considerable long pause,

“If we offer them fifty sovereigns of gold, can we draw their attention to us?” Natarajan asked while Maha helplessly listened.


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