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By: Adam Levon Brown 


(Inspired by the Poetry of Derrick C.Brown)

I walked up to a woman drinking sweet tea
She resembled Mary Magdalene with a touch of
“Bitch, I’ll cut you if you touch me”

I asked her If I could sit down and to my surprise, she said yes.

After a long conversation, I decided that she was pretty nice.
I brushed aside my manners and asked her for a kiss under the dime store moon

She told me she was crazy and that it would never work
That she had too many problems She was getting out of a relationship
She was practicing yoga to open her chakras

She then said, It may work if you to
ease me a little with a Cerberus wink

I was hell-bent on tearing off her Yoga pants with Molotov fury

As with crazy, I just said, “I’m Hannibal Lecter” And then I added, “On a good Day”
She parted her lips and leaned toward me

HOLY MARMALADE! I began to whisper to myself ….

It actually worked…. Before I could finish my sentence,
Her lips met mine with torpedo-strike passion

Tongues were Flap-jacking on beds of pink

The wet seeds of life began to fall from the Chrysanthemum sky

And the night ended with a serenade at her doorstep

“Sweet Tea Woman
Thank you for your time
Sweet Tea Woman
Someday I hope you’re mine”



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