Books Reviews

Poem: Grandpa

By: Anupama Kadwad

nick-karvounis-498398-unsplash (1)

Rocking back and forth
with a creaking sound
can still envision
him sitting on the chair
At the strike of seven
rushed to catch our place by his feet
tiny eager faces
waited in anticipation
huddled close by
looked with awe
embraced each word
that fell on our ears
words of wisdom
words of advise
words of experience
every word so special
for they taught us
so many wise things
those golden words
woven with affection and love
regaled us, mesmerized us
linked us with a special bond
his facial expression many thoughts conveyed
his stern demeanor housed a gentle heart
despite his frail body
he looked so regal
in the hush silence
creak-o-creak the only sound
now when my eyes fall on the chair
in my mind’s eye I see his regal posture
my feet drag me till I reach the wooden carcass
softly caress the arms as he gently patted me
eyes go misty remembering those fond memories
Rocking chair testimony to those blessed days.

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