‘The Seagul’ and other poems by Marc Carver

By: Marc Carver


  1. The Seagul

I want to be like
one of those old seagulls
who knows he is close to death.
No goodbyes no farewells
They just go out to sea
and keep flying
they fly until they die.
2. Comeuppence 

I always thought the world owed me a living
then finally one day I got caught
but it can’t catch me I thought
but in the end my luck ran out
or so I thought
but eventually it led me to all the answers and to the truth
It took time
but in the end I got there.

3. Rothko

I sat in that Rothko chapel
and I knew I was as close to God as I could ever get
the closest to seeing him through those paintings of nothingness
the deafening sound of silence
time almost stopping
god has no need of time
and through those paintings I could feel it slowing and stopping
black on black
a blue black
a grey black
a cross hidden
all led me to the same place
a universe of nothing

4. Not a Haiku

A young woman gave me a smile
it was enough
enough to do another day
with hope
in this big heart of mine
5. Old Banger

I don’t like my women young
I like them old
like an old car
I like some dents in them
some knocks and scars.

6. Time for a Quick One

I started to drink
waiting for my life to begin
now it is nearly over
I wonder where it went
I must have missed it.
7. Mine

I move my finger tips
across the breast
smoother than a rose petal
rippling like a gentle stream
a jelly caught trembling silver and red in the moonlight
my tips bleed sense
my print left behind to say it was me the stealing one
that left nothing behind
but three little words
these are mine.
8. Will he never shut up

I sat down and started writing
don’t really know why
just knew I wanted it out of me
but again I didn’t know what it was
but afterwards I felt better even now
when I know what it is
I still feel better and so I go on


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