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BANTER: Rewriting fairy tales for the digital dating era

Banter, a dating application aims to revolutionize the psychique of online dating and bring forth the culture of actual experiences with authentic users into existence. By the name Banter, the app implies the fun and frolic engagements and interactions between many individuals seeking for social interactions.

The feature which sets the application leagues apart is, it places women at the driver’s seat to control their interaction with men. Men, on the other hand, are provided equal opportunity for sending a personalized voice message for gaining her attention. Tajinder Bagga, Co-founder Banter, said, “Women are our target users. We interviewed close to 500 women across various dating apps to determine what extra they would like to have”.

“People have the tendency to mould their monotonous routines be it with a friend, a social contact, a date or a romance. Banter empowers the people to translate there ‘could be’s into would be’s’ and enable the possibility of encountering with someone, who may intensify their lives even more”, she added.

The platform promises to deliver superior interaction experience for users, inhibiting fake and multiple profile registration which are very prevalent across the existing apps and thereby eliminating any misuse of features on the app. The key difference that application withholds, it screens people during the registration via facebook which makes a user mandatory to upload valid identification to enrol as a premium club member. As a result, users with a Facebook profile that does not meet the defined criteria will not be able to register with banter.

Tarika Wahi, Co-founder, Banter, said, “It not all about faces, mere photographs limit the access to highlight personalities of people, it’s a very static detail for swiping based on just pictures. We encourage users to post dynamic video profile to engage others with their personality than just pictures”.

Banter is enriched with unique features that make it alike from other social media apps – Ask Out and Banter Event. Using Ask Out, only the verified club members of banter may invite their matches for a date at banter’s partner venues, they can also request us to curate something special for them. On the other hand, Banter Events are socializing events where attendees are thoroughly verified by the banter team and founders themselves.

Tajinder Bagga, Co-founder Banter, quotes, “We believe it is our utmost responsibility as enablers to deliver an exceptional experience to our members across all features of banter. We partner with famous venues, accept guests with strong professional and social credentials as a premium member and to our events, enable livelier online and offline engagement.”

Banter’s rich interactive engagements are not only challenging the status quo of existing dating platforms for better scrutiny of its members and improved engagement but also addressing the rising concerns and helping change the perceptions associated with online dating. Their pre-eminent focus is to make people go beyond just having to dig into apps and step into the new era of dating.

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