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‘Angel’ and other poems by Khalilah Okeke

By: Khalilah Okeke


Her eyes are celestine crystals.

Healing through their watchful gaze.

I thread them like beads
to wear around my neck

so I can see.

Her song a scribbled scroll
tongue lapping waves—
words passing like frosted breath.
Stone smoothed clean

beneath her ocean.



I like words in the morning

with my coffee and cigarette.

A peony painted sky –
breathing through the window.

Life—a spread of
ornamental cards
gold-frosted borders.

A room enchanted by

I love candles in the morning
their flickering heat dancing
to a meditative chant.

Crosses covered in shells
the sun’s rays reaching its fingers—
climbing over the neighbor’s house.

I like canvases displayed in
the windowsill,
where the waking light shines through

scattering shapes of color
on naked walls.
Pinned butterflies
breaking through the

fluttering –


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