‘Ode To Passion’ and ‘Bewitching Draw’ poems


Bewitching Draw

Fluid steps, a dancers genealogy,
Wellsprings of creativity,
Pared costumes,
Shed ornamentation,
An intimate presence.

Scene shifter, celestial chorus,
Swirl the skies, churn the oceans,
Dynamise space;
Fascination in recognition,
From previous to next,
The mystery of twilight,
The enchantment of sound –
A patter of flat pebbles
Leaping lake surface – painted blue,
An overture of ripples…

Stories of a moment,
From previous to next,
Words form to present the morrow,
A whisper imaginative.
Ardour unparalleled.
Fluid steps, a waltz soaked in passion…

                                                                                                                                                    JayM 2 
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Categories: Poetry

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