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‘The Age of Experience’ and other poems by Shruti Mishra

By: Shruti Mishra

The Age of Experience

I stepped in utter innocence
There I stumbled with mere arrogance
I sighed at my presence
I was unaware of reverence

I learned these peculiarities with experience
I gained this knowledge of enhancement
World has become disillusioned of emotions
There I stance with a strong mind of performance



My eyes dream throughout night
Unaware of the uncertainties lurking behind
The mornings are filled with vigour and grace
But evenings fade through uncertain trace

These desires take too long to unfold
Those dreamy eyes look for comfort when they close
The uncertain winds try to shudder my being
But the flame in my heart refuses to douse my dreams


Chaos of Silence

Silence, the stillness of the moment
Not as calm as it appears
Peace is merely on the periphery
The centre is as chaotic as ever

There is no unnecessary noise
Neither arguments nor aside
The only monologue I have is with my personal being
Where I find myself standing alone in crowd


Your Callousness

I feel disturbed and annoyed
When I sense that callousness
My love feels betrayed
And my assurance ashamed

I trust you with all my being
But your callousness supersedes adhere
I drown myself in the ocean of innocence
Where your callousness refuses to hold my hand


Shruti Mishra is a scholar at the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow. Her first love is composing and reading poetry. Her works have previously got published in various anothologies together with many online journals and newspapers both in English as well as in Hindi. She has also attended various national and international conferences.

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