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‘A False Epistemology’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

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A False Epistemology

A false epistemology, affected steadfastly, makes life unlivable.
Even had we most desired effects, services, we’d need miracles.
Truth persists as consequential to originators, to people aspiring
To gatekeeper roles for questionable plus indisputable purposes.

Altruism gets mismanaged when revamping shared distillations.
We must stop vindicating all replacements of flesh for feelings.
Media-reinforced morality violates standards, elicits negativity.
Vital ripostes to arrangements smoke out complicated promises.

Creative ideas, i.e., fictions, remain “freedom’s” province once
Social milieus surreptitiously disrepute dismal, patterned cycles.
Dangerous, fault-finding rhetoric, anathematic words, cull civic
Institutions’values, furtively determine singularities as disasters.

In subsisting with psychographically, neurologically odd people,
Writers string motes to shape palpable representations. They try
Forging large, heartened remediations of communal deceptions.
Still, overcoming frank onus involves “goodness,” not “goods.”

Whilst transferring splintered, recognized mores back to current,
Veiled injustices, wordies afford “asked for,” not what’s needed.
Reference groups’ wishes, as well as imprudent dreams, chain us
To ethical systems and cement us to underlying accommodation.

Alike self-injuring turtles attempting to clamber to a pile’s apex,
Suffering a dearth of compassionate components establishes us
Dialectically retarded. Resultant lopsided distributions of power,
Alongside cockeyed clarity, congeal cathartic discourse as traps.

Maybe, our system’s latent edification morphs our intentionality
Into supernal problems. Mayhaps, our egos’s potsherds suppress
Self-preserving, self-perpetuating impulses. Perchance, conjoint
Knowledge’s critical entanglements cede vicitimization’s reign.

When we don’t break gatekeepers’ investment in public fissures,
We remain unable to provide consistent, predictable consolation.
What’s more, we undergo imperative principles’ losses, bemoan
Such muteness, fall flat securing interpersonal actions’ propriety.


A Pocket-Sized Pack of Tissues

Her blood gushed a full year before the hygiene lecture, so unpopular
Among middle schoolers, was given. Worse, her event occurred during
Mr. Amram’s science class (all other hours featured female lecturers.)

Nonetheless, the old man teaching biology threw a pocket-sized pack
Of tissues at the lass, hoping such “generosity” would calm her in case
No classmate offered her an escort to the junior high’s nurse’s station.


An Appreciated Familiarity

The phenomenal muscle of nurturing influences the nature and form of familial
Adhesions. Concurrently, most parents and children are constituent to/recipient
Of elders, friends, loved ones’decisions. The outsiders unscrupulously engage
Themselves to gain fundamental inroads.

They propose fashioning identifications that might fulfill social and moral duties,
Might address their “concern” with values and ethics, cull obedience, also, bring
Into existence a manner of vassalage—they are patronizing, not heeding whether
Insisting upon irregular apparatuses for analyzing relatives helps.

Eventually, when youngsters shoo away those supercilious people, cry “avaunt,”
Unhesitatingly issue protective directives that cultivate, while staying dedicated
To their dearest, some unabashed adolescences will waste noncognitive powers
To redirect their parents away from that suppression.

See, erudition makes learners beyond accountable (unlike knowledge privatization).
As epistemic options increase, the undying nature of morality grows proportional
In reconciling absolutes. Ironically, there exist tradeoffs, nuanced legitimization of
Dismantling detriments.

Suasory transformations just occur when perceived as granting success. Weigh how
Principles not only intwine (contrasted to reason) but, moreover, get subsumed by it.
Authorities’ reserved coercion remains integrally further relevant to family matters
Than questions pertaining to truth.

Essentially, when kids rally, win some battles, they still lose most crusades. Bogus
Obligations eclipse well-meant behaviors, repeatedly. Raising consciousness spoils
More than compromised contents of systems’ answerability. All reciprocity favors
The empowered.

Still, tenderness lingers between parents and children. Blank faces presently depict
The “permitted” “good,” also “virtuous.” No benefit of doubt is dispensed toward
Dear ones acting in the collective’s “best interest.” Meaning, no illustrated guesses
Rally to support families’ worldviews.



Metaexpression subordinates all other domains. It just wags at hierarchical higher-ups,
Imposes order on countenances possessed of lesser degrees of force, fixes the quantity
Of comparison by measures of insignificant notions.

During all inventions’ progression, departures from
Common circumstances transmute conventional as well as invisible goings-on. At the
Back of dressing room accesses, bathroom cubicles’ partitions, confidences percolate.

Nonetheless, identity, whether obligatory or elected, individual or collective, sometimes
Mitigates the worst of sins. Debauchery becomes rationalized as concommitant to many
Sorts of fulsome choices. Then, again,

“Ideology” might refer to consequential
Building blocks of shared value systems. Sundry contemporary problems in interpreting
Demanding circumstances, too recurrently, are manufactured by malformed philosophies.

Ascertain, social science research sometimes yields contradictory information a propos Communication ethics’ ability to assess fascistic undertakings in both private and public
Roles, rate some behaviors as “absurd.”

Post-traumatic stress disorder, let’s say,
Remains unworkable. Additionally, an excess of odd principles challenges traditional
Standards, equipoise, communal equilibrium, formulates functional codes of conduct.

Interpersonal transmission experts advise on peace negotiations, by and large, provide
Counsel on morality visa via linguistic maneuvers. Timeless topoi ought to be assigned
Infinite epistemic privilege.

“Choice,” in the end, links
With ontology. We knowingly select elements of insight that reflect processes enabling
Us to affirm undergone changes (it’s not levelheaded liking antithetical comportments.)

Purpose, though, will never liberate victims from harsh prescriptions, descriptions, else
Metatheories. Scruples at no time light on branches of actions that disparage speech acts
Or mental shapes.

Our realm deserves
Deeply associated, mindful scholarship, besides “legitimized” discourse aimed to keep
Top dogs quiet (as long as citizens are so rhetorically lacking as to dwell indefensible.)

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