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Port Sunlight City

The cute little town near Wirral

of Northwest England

incredibly picturesque

heritage and the aesthetic

wraps around the character of the village

i stroll in a trance

its winding country lanes

Tudor-style cottages that

stand in stately rows of uniformity

beckon you to the Victorian age

that belonged to a century ago

a masterstroke of William Lever

a one man’s vision of

a town of not mere buildings

but of a community of soap factory

motor and trainways co exist

museums and tea-Houses

public buildings, parklands sprawl over 

modern life lurks

amongst tree lined boulevards

the ebb and flow of life moves on 

the village and inhabitants seem to be trapped

In time 

lost tradition and legacy

where you need to ask permission 

to paint your front door.

One feels the history living around

the past intertwines into your lives here

deep cave of thoughts

of low-vaulted past

links into life inextricably

that magically walks beside you.

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