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By: Vanaja Malathy

Break Your Shackles, Oh Woman!

How queer, oh woman, is your conduct!

when you have everything in plenty

you crave for more and more

when you have a person to love you madly

you are dizzy about his loyalty

when people approve of your charm

you become critical of your beauty

when folks ignore you

you become a rebel seeking identity

when people offer you in generosity

you suspect the very act of it

if your wisdom is applauded

you revel in arrogance for more attention

when people remark your naivety

you pinch, cringe, shout, miscalculate

Oh woman is that you?

i would despise to be a woman

who is a prisoner of her own mind.

puerile, whimsical and fanciful.

an unpredictable woman never empowers

she disenfranchises her right to be powerful

a mature, solemn and judicious woman can alone

achieve gender equality.

How long are you going to be a slave of your illusory world, oh woman?

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