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By: Judge Santiago Burdon 

Does he touch you with deep cabernet dreams, or is it just chardonnay passion, does your heart race from his nearness, is there surrender in his scent, does he tempt you, does he leave you breathless, are you tantalized by jalapeno kisses, like butterflies stinging spicy pleasure on your inner thighs, does he entice you, do you feel wicked and waxened, do you scream bruja’s incantations, moan verses of ancient runes, is your orgasm seismic, does he read like a mystery with a hint of gypsy blood, can he make you laugh in color, does he feed your madness, can he calm your storm, or does he consume you, does he feel betrayed by your shadow, is he envious and jealous of your light, does he sit in stillness while you listen to your muse, does he make you feel whole, does he, does he, 

i did once, didn’t i?


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