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‘Spring Erases Winter’ and other poems

By: Bruce Levine

Spring Erases Winter

The season of snow
Comes to an end
As all things must
Winter melts with
The residue of ice
Making way for the spring
As the budding of trees
And crocuses sprouting
Forecast the changing seasons
And the clock moving forward
As days last longer
Lighting the path
To sow in the furrows
As farmers make ready
Their crops and their calves
The joys of the springtime
With windows wide open
As freshness entices
Another repast
Of seasonal splendor
Luxurious colors
Drinking the water
From diminishing snow
Anther year’s cycle
Moving forward
As spring erases winter
With pleasures that last

Welcome Spring

Enough cold
Enough dreary days
With sunless skies

Enough snow and ice
Enough frozen toes
And steamy breath

Enough hats and coats
Enough wrap-around scarves
With mittens or gloves

Enough icy windshields
Enough plowing out cars
And slippery streets

Enough lifeless limbs
Enough barren bushes
And bloomless shrubs

Enough winter
Enough season’s end
Welcome spring

Welcoming Spring

Tired of winter
I get to the point
That I say
That’s enough
Time for a new season
Time for a change in the air
Time for bird’s song
And budding trees
And crocuses
Popping up their heads
Seasons change
Each begins
And each wanes
As time passes
Through calendar pictures
Of country scenes
From frost on the windows
And snow on roofs
To flowering gardens
And sumptuous waterfalls
Turning a page
On winter’s end
To welcome the spring

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