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tropical tress near road and body of water during golden hour

The Competition

By: Georgios Karagiannis Steve and his brother Bill walked down the narrow dirt road, towards the river. It was still dark outside and cold, but they didn’t mind. They snuck out right before dawn, while dad was snoring on the…


‘Instant Crush’ and other poems

By: Don Kingfisher Campbell Instant Crush stepin your shoeson a sidewalkant take your sandalin your hand and smasha spider perchedon a tiled shower wall walk intoa car crusherand sitdown fly a helicopteror plane atfull speed into a hillsideor tall building…

‘Without the Red’ and other poems

By: Dr. Ernest Williamson III Without the RedFor Lady Canada Before she laid with me under the sun,we dreamt awake our dine. Rapt.Together. Penning to die Lady Septemberin Red October. Guess how we eloped without you?two toasts froth with endlessness….

grey concrete bridge on body of water under blue and white sky during daytime

A Different Kind of Bond

By: Priyanshi Agarwal On the face it brought a bright beamThinking about them in a daydreamTaking out time even when you are busyTalking to them sometimes made you sillyStomach had butterfliesEyes shined like fireflies It was not a crushThough it…

‘Sideways Movements’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Sideways Movements To shy, to surreptitiously slide from moment to momentCould bring about vermiculated communications, elseConflict among rimose relations, also rime, snow, mostForms of chilled existence. Humoral problems typically originate when loved ones’Vagarities leak. Such capriciousness…

‘Imagine’ and other poems

By: Joan McNerney Imagine Imagine to be a birdslicing air with wings. Up up over that horizonsoaring through cloudsaway from solemn earth. Shining, shimmeringfar above this sphereinto clear blue light. Cutting through skygliding over oceanseyes open all seeing. Awake all…

‘J C Penny’ and other poems

By: Wayne F. Burke J C Penny “Keep your hands to yourselves,” Grandmacrabs aswe walk down the carpeted aisle.“Do not touch anything!” My brother has to touch somethingand is slappedand bawlsand is told to sitwhile Grandma picks out clothesfor us…