Category: Fiction

The Pet Nana

By: Ahming Zee People were swarming in heading straight to the pet lady as she was taking kittens one by one out of her carrier and into a big cage. Everyone in […]

The Hermit

By: James Bates Even though he hadn’t left his house that day, nor had he for the more than three years since his beloved wife had passed away, here’s what Bob Anderson […]


By Beatriz Cicci Ms. Maureen Campbell was proud to attest and confirm with confidence that, throughout her 72 years of life, she had only kissed whom she had ratified to be totally […]

The Greatest Ever

By Mark Kodama             When the wrought iron gates of St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys swung wide, George was just an unwanted reform school boy destined for oblivion. But George Herman […]


By: Stephen Faulkner I walked from where it all took place with a steady gait down a dark and humid street. Darkness enveloped me like a shroud, like a fetid blanket pulled […]