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By: Aruna Subramanian “Cuck-oo cuck-oo….” The clock struck twelve.  “Happy birthday Maaya!” Holographic Susan appeared before Maaya with her bright smile. “Hey, Susan! Thank you, dear! How are you?” Maaya was extremely happy […]


By: Ronan O’Shea —Your generation is too willing to take it lying down, said Smithson Rodgers. —Oh, matron. —Don’t be facile, Murphy. —Sorry. —Your lot are spoiled. —Rotten. —You’re not used to […]

I’m home

By: Damion Hamilton Tommy had been down a long time. Thirty years. He had been a young man when he went away. Now he wasn’t young anymore. He looked in the mirror, […]

The Bodyguard

By Mark Kodama I.             I dreamed of the perfect woman hanging on my arm. But who was I to have these silly dreams. Short and uneducated with little in the way […]

Cyber Wars

By Adam Katcher The only sound was the occasional roar of a truck on the highway nearby. Ryan stared at the screen. Midnight had already passed, and everyone else in the house […]

Persona Non Grata

By: Michelle Yang “Do you feel that? Is that an earthquake? Oh, it’s only Brianna walking down the hall,” Lorren snickered, talking to her table as she spotted her favorite pastime.             […]

A taste for fear

By: Aldriech Villamor I woke up in the dark, much like the rest of the patients here. It was 6:30 in the morning at the Anglewood Mental Hospital, and I was absolutely […]