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By: James Bates “I wish you could swim,” Camden told Megan. “Like the dolphins.”             They were downtown, sitting outside having just finished lunch at a favorite cafe. She sent off a […]

The Gathering

By: Peter Astle “You can’t be serious,” Jane said. “You’ll be thrown in jail.”             Paul shrugged. “We might as well be in jail. Besides, this is important. It’s just one night.” […]


By: Kathleen Kempert “I don’t feel like I fit into your life anymore,” I type into the phone.  I look at the words before I hit send, my index finger hovering, daring […]

The Way We* Live Now

By: Mary Rohrer-Dann *We, who are still fortunate in all the many privileges of privilege.                         (with respect to Susan Sontag)             Good Morning America and the too-aptly named Eleventh Hour […]

The Mission

By: Fred Miller Part I: The Promised Land It was her supervisor at the hospital who had asked during an appraisal interview – did Angela enjoy bookkeeping? Well, why didn’t she consider […]

Plastic Breath

By: Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi  After seven days of intolerable confinement, Izzy decided that this foggy afternoon was the right time to free herself. And, if she could manage, Clara. She had been […]