Category: Fiction

Sun and Rain

By: Saharsh Satheesh It was quite a cloudy day in Greenville. The thick storm clouds cluttered around the sun, obstructing even the slightest ray of sunlight. The dreaded rain season had started […]


By: Jude Chukwu Obahor is one beautiful place I’ll love to be, over and over again. It had the aura of home, the beauty of a ghetto, the heart of an angel, […]

Let’s Twist Again

By: Leon Kortenkamp The evening news goes to a commercial break following the weather report.  Heavy rain and twisters are predicted for the Oklahoma Panhandle, but it’s expected to be clear and […]


SENTENCE: Key found the perfect place to hide a body. Someone else must have thought so, too, because Key had barely gone three feet down when his shovel hit bone