Category: Fiction

The Crystal People

By: Tom Ball I      Our people here appeared as crystal see through people. And we lived on pure energy which we got from the sun. We were not humans, but rather […]


By: Christopher Johnson                        “Hey, Smith, yer T-shirt looks pink!” Larry Cuccinelli said, spitting out a laugh that hovered somewhere between playful and malevolent. He poked Paul in the shoulder. Paul was […]

Portal Of Love

By: Raymond Greiner The Macintyre’s descended from Scottish wealth and immigrated to the United States. They acquired eight hundred acres of prime agricultural land in Alabama in the early nineteenth century and […]

The Walk

By: Bruce Levine It had been a long morning. Dillon rubbed his eyes which felt strained from working at his computer for so many hours. He hadn’t realized that it was going […]

Letters to You

By: Adedoyin Ajayi You had this laughter, the kind that bubbled from deep within your chest, it rumbled forth from somewhere happy in you, like a wave rising from the deep and […]

Leave Taking

By: Earl Smith She opened the door just enough. He was lying on his back snoring softly. She listened to the rhythm of his breathing. It was shallow but slow and steady. […]