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By: Lee Conrad The wood frame house, a century old, but in good shape, dominated the hilltop. Near it, a barn, in disuse for many years, struggled to keep from collapsing. A […]

Letting Go

By: Mukund Gnanadesikan It’s OK, officer. You seem like a nice young man. I’d like to think that I was once like you. Back away from me. Go back down those stairs, […]

Never Cry Woolf

By: Jane Collins-Philippe The water level was high, the current strong. The familiar blue-grey ribbon tumbled wildly as it worked its way to wherever it is that rivers go. Leafy silence was […]

Miss Directions

By: Gary Zenker It’s the same argument every time the two of them are in the car together with me. “Don’t listen to her, she’s telling you the long way. Turn left […]