Category: Fiction


By Harrison Abbott He had figured the enormous slabs of blue and green would calm his retired self. An old, wealthy man watching the mountains from his windows. A new house within […]

Wrath Revealed

By: Samuel Evans Jimmy Whiteman stared deeply into the campfire.  Its orange glow flickered and pulsed in the wind.  He could hear the distant howling of coyotes piercing through the night, mingling […]

Barry Barabbas

By Russell Richardson “You really are reformed,” said Edward Getty with a twisted smirk. Barry Barabbas sat bent over a small Formica table in his friend’s tiny kitchen and studied dirty scratches […]

Wilting Watchtower

By: Sterling Warner Now I’ve always been a modern man—a reasonable man—a person thoroughly grounded in my love of philosophy and college studies. I’d studied the history of religions, the advance of […]


By Gaither Stewart “…every shadow is in the final analysis a child of light, and only he who experiences light and dark, war and peace, and rise and fall, has truly lived.” […]