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The World Inside

By: Lyra Goga I don’t remember how I ended up here. I’m in front of a big house in the middle of a deserted street. I knock on the door but no […]


After purchasing a piece of property on a remote island, Daniel finds the place is more than he bargained for. When the rumors of the homes dark history begin popping up, he must ask himself if his investment is worth as much as he paid…not to mention, his life.


By: Ethan Goffman In a ramshackle hut high on a lonely mountain peak dwelt the physicist Bernardx Gandalf, who understood the complexities of the universe. “The sun is the result of a […]


By Eric Burbridge             The cool morning breeze attacked the exposed nerves of his rotten wisdom tooth. Twig Pike rubbed his jaw as tears ran down his cheek. He focused and continued […]


By: Suzanne Zipperer Church picnics used to be a big thing when churches were. When we were teens we went every weekend, probably because there wasn’t much else to do and also […]