Category: Fiction

Shimmering Path

By: Saharsh Satheesh The rain just wouldn’t stop. Accompanied by the wind, both screamed for their lives as lightning crackled. The thunder feeling inferior let out a bellow that shook Earth to […]

The Preferati

By: Benjamin Oku “Push! Push!!” Those were the first words I heard as I opened my eyes to this world albeit with some strange creature who had five slender legs pulling me […]

Who was he? What was he?

By Robert Feinstein There are these elderly men …  I don’t think they are actually rabbis, who spend their days roaming through Jewish cemeteries, looking for the bereaved.  Give them a few dollars and they’ll […]

Why I Ate So Much

By James Bates I never did figure out where the voices were coming from, but they were there, that was for sure, day and night, whispering, “Feed us. Feed us, now.” So […]

Sleep Debt

By Jon Skolnik When Eli couldn’t sleep, he gambled. And when he couldn’t gamble, he walked The Strip. But since he was newly bound by the limits of unemployment, Eli was spending […]

Barry the Barracuda

By Dennis Robleski A barracuda’s concerns are few, especially for those that live along the coast of Bimini in the westernmost district of the Bahamas feeding on the plentiful fish around the […]


By: J. Cassidy Hawthorne For Teddy I remember my first day. It was cold as Hell. It was the kind of cold where each thought you had was interrupted by another, single thought: […]