Category: Fiction

The Hill

By: Don Tassone Henry Valentine sat straight up in bed, awakened by the morning sun, thinking he had overslept.  Confused, he looked over at his clock.  7:18.  His heart raced.  Is this […]

The Gazebo

By: Linda Barrett                                                               Ron didn’t want to come on the New Directions road trip but his stepbrother, Tim, forced him into it. Agnes DellaRossa, the support group’s leader recommended it to […]

Bad Neighbors

By: Sally Smithson They never liked Brad.  When they moved in, and they were lugging the cardboard boxes up the driveway, there he stood across the street.  His arms were crossed, and […]

The soup war

By: Beatriz Moisset In Argentina there is a type of pasta that we call ammunition pasta. It is used mostly to make soups. The name describes the shape perfectly. In Italian, it […]

The Last Frontier

By: Alan Swyer “What?” Eddie Faber asked, answering his cell after seeing his ex-wife’s name on caller ID. “I need you back in LA,” Carolyn announced. “I’m covering the Dodgers in Spring […]

The Outbuilding

By: James Bates Maggie and I were relaxing watching television. Finally, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and made a big point of clearing my throat as a prelude to what I […]

Hazy and cool

By Eric Burbridge             Lucas Byrd’s love of the Independent Party was short lived when they passed Medicare reform. The budget demanded cuts, those cuts required seniors his age who passed certain […]

Opting In

By: Emma Bennison The ship’s horn blasted long and loud as the majestic Pacific Jewel picked up speed. The sun glinted brilliantly off the clear waters of Sydney Harbour. Jason heaved a […]

The Bread

By: Alan Berger  Know what it was that inspired his decision?  It was when he saw that Donald Trump Jr. grew one and even though he looked liked a mad dog foaming […]