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By Ranjit Kulkarni Ten Thousand rupees for every boy she evaluated as her prospective groom was not bad. Six months back, Sanjana’s father had relented to this arrangement. It was a nice […]


By: James Bates It had snowed overnight so driving the city streets was tricky. My old Honda Civic slid through a couple of stop signs before I made myself lighten up on […]


By Therese Gilardi             Luminous days had come to Rome. The reach of the Empire was expanding, and the conquest of Britain was well under way. A Colosseum was rising, where there […]


By: Todd Matson Words had been weaponized against him. “Nobody likes you.”  “You’re ugly.”  “You’re annoying.”  You’re a moron.”  “You’re a loser.”  “You were born by mistake.”  “You’re weird.”  “Everyone hates you.”  […]

A Queer Couple

By: Ram Govardhan Nudging six feet, one the most rational eunuchs in Chennai, Rafael, while tucking pleats of his sari below the jewelled navel, was too careful not to hide the punch-line […]