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by William Kitcher I wake up. Oh I feel awful. Don’t know where I am. But I sorta remember her, and she’s not here. I hope she’s gone out for juice or […]

A Clean Meeting

By: Charles Gibson Gazing upon the arearesiding inside the washingmachine, a vast empty spaceis immediately noticed settingthe stage for a collision betweenthree stakeholders. The soapwill shake hands with waterin agreeance to provide […]


By: Harvey Huddleston “Breathe.”  That’s what the voice said in his ear but Elliot wasn’t sure that he’d actually heard it.  It was a low voice, soft and caring, one to be […]

Those Who Come…

By Mason Yates             …never want to leave.  Penelope Valeria- also known by her nickname of Penny to lucky individuals who were fortunate enough to call her a friend- whipped her head […]


By: Leon Kortenkamp “What was that?  Wake up, Robby.  I heard something.” “What?  What did you hear?” “Something.  Did you hear it?” “No.” “I was dreaming about my mother.  I saw her […]