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By: Priya Anand Meenu peers at the unmade bed and the clothes on the floor. The clothes lie in heaps on the bed and the floor. It had taken her over 45 […]

The Drummer

By Stephen Myer             I slammed my fist four times against the door before I heard his body swish around. The Drummer weighed a thousand pounds and had a face like a […]

Luck Residue

By: Patrick Sweeney     My excalibur pen, won at Excalibur Casino where everybody wins, is a spade and heart-sprinkled shaft topped with a bell jar containing two bright orange die.  The jar’s […]

Last Visit

By Patty Somlo             The afternoon following his mother’s arrival, Hamid dragged the faded green chair out and set it in front of the window. Hamid had pulled the same chair over […]

A Question of Money

By Eric Burbridge             “Larry, let me solve your financial difficulties…for five million dollars let me murder you?” Rocmon asked.             Larry Herman laughed, but the seriousness in those dark eyes made […]


 By William Higgs III A man and woman wait impatiently for the check in a busy cafe. Downtown Chicago, a sunny afternoon, the man taps his shoes on the faux hardwood floors. […]