Category: Fiction


By: Anthony Ward             Will painstakingly painted the same scene over and over. Like Monet’s Rouen Cathedral. Except this was no cathedral. It was the stone wall that enclosed his own back […]


By Ranjit Kulkarni Why did God give the human species the intelligence to invent the mobile phone? Sitting alone in a plush restaurant in despair, young Rakesh Oswal threw his phone away. […]

Mrs Grierson

By Harrison Abbott I was in home economics class in high school and there was this scary, chronically angry teacher called Mrs Grierson whom we all had to respect, for some reason, […]


By: Michael Degnan It was ten minutes before the bombs went off that Charles first saw her, the woman of his dreams, in a park in Washington DC. She sat cross-legged on […]

Depression Years

By: Raymond Greiner The year is 1928, and the United States is suffering an economic depression. James Abernathy graduated from high school in Indianapolis, Indiana and awarded a scholarship at the Chicago […]


By: Jim Bates I’m a third generation Neon sign repairman. I live in southwestern Minnesota near the town of Wells in a singlewide trailer on land my great grandfather farmed. I live […]