Category: Fiction

Dreams of a Magic Pig

By: Tom Ball      There were many disruptions to normal life from the wars. I ended up cast out from my village and found myself in a primordial setting; it was just […]

Thou Shalt Not

By: Rich Elliott The boys in the wagon whooped and hollered, delirious with adventure. “Glory bound!” “Graybacks, look out!” “Here come the heroes of Osky!” Thirteen-year-old Joseph John did a drum roll […]


By: Don Tassone Five months after the end of a war that pitted brother against brother, still dressed in his blue uniform, Thomas Fenwick approached a brick house surrounded by oaks and […]


By: Ruth Deming When I awoke and removed the noisy CPAP machine from my nostrils, I remembered. Writing day! I peeked out my upstairs window. An enormously bright light grinned at me […]