Category: Fiction

God’s Unlikely Hero

By: Jeff Watkins Wearing only scanty panties, Corporal Rochana Toch (a female Cambodian emigrant who looks like a skinny prepubescent girl) seductively, sinuously sways toward Corporal Daniel Selnick, murmuring, “Me so horny. […]


By: Jeff Watkins “You have a beautiful baby boy, Miss Selnick. You can hold him for a while, and then we’ll get him all cleaned up.” “No. I don’t want to hold […]

Down the Saco

By: Christopher Johnson “God, it’s cold!” he bellowed. He felt as though he had immersed his feet and ankles into a bucket of ice water. Skeeter just laughed. “Pick it up, Dad! […]


By: Michal Reiben Anna climbs her dear friend, the Wellingtonia tree quickly and easily for she knows its every branch; it’s a giant of a tree, an evergreen with down swept branches, […]