Category: Fiction

Morning Breath

By: Sterling Warner “Turn over, Jack.” “What?” “You’re snoring again!” “I wasn’t!” “You were—and I really need to get some rest before tomorrow.” Dutifully, Jack rolled over on his left side, looked […]

The Replacement

By Mark Kodama I.             The owner of the decapitated head – his mouth frozen in a silent scream and eyes wide open in sheer terror – had seen its own death […]

Last Day

By: Ashley Summerfield  There was always something magical about the last day of school before the summer holidays. I am sure you remember the sensation yourself. The bell would ring, and you […]


By: Bob Kalkreuter She lay on the floor beside the sofa, the old dog, white fur grizzled with yellow, drowsing where the window-heated sunlight spilled warm and familiar. Her breath came in […]


By: Bruce Levine Jason picked up his pencil for probably the hundredth time that day and put it back down every time. It wasn’t a case of writer’s block because each time […]