Category: Fiction

My Dear Margaret

By Hayden Sidun My dear Margaret, Too much time has passed since you departed this world. I’m writing to you to apologize. I only wish you understood the kind of stress I […]

Time Bomb

By: Amrita Valan Himadri squeezed out a cup of lemon juice. Carefully crushing two tablespoons of fennel to a fine soft powder. When the chicken had finished cooking in its own juices, […]

Am not

By: Nathan Leslie He’s that weird kid. He’s that kid who smells like moss. He’s that kid who dangles chicken necks off the dock for hours at a time. Nobody knows that […]

Seeking A Promotion

By: Edith Gallagher Boyd             After my friends left, I peeked into Sophie’s room while she lay sleeping. Megan had baked chocolate cupcakes for her and I noticed a streak of chocolate […]


By: Don Tassone      Ben had fought in a “forever war” for 20 years when the US finally pulled out.  He had passed up nearly two dozen chances to end his tour […]

Almost Retired

By: Matthew Dube Kim and David weren’t from Coaling. They hadn’t even lived in Coaling their whole professional lives. David had taught at another school, states away, long enough to earn tenure; […]

Bottling it

By: Anthony Ward             It was not a sun day like its namesake. Instead the sky was overburdened with cloud. The rain that was forthcoming remained so. Though today that suited Dan […]