Category: Poetry


By: Alan Berger What stories to chooseWhich ones to tellThey choose youAnd tell you what to sellI’d rather be a year too earlyThen a second too lateRather not be out with someoneThat […]

Those letters

By: Robin Long cling to the submitted words, disfigured,like the leather face of plaguewith spices shoved into a protruding beak herbs, to protect and stave off stenchpestilencenoxiousdisease—writing?it never felt like my disease, […]


By: Ken W. Simpson Demons are founddining greedilyabove groundon ghoulish soupfresh flesh fingerssanctimonious syrupboiled bigotfresh flesh fingerspedophile pigstuffed hypocrisywith promiscuityas the devil’sdessert.with I scream.


By: Annapurani Vaidyanathan Hope likes to slither away into the shadows. It loves to sleep beneath greying clouds until a ray of sunshine knocks its socks off and floods the sky with […]

Weird of the dreams

By: Paweł Markiewicz there are finitely October-idesmeek shooting stars – the friends of nighttimehave fallen aforethe visit of themorning star – the boon VenusI was able to feel theireyesome miraculous silencea dreamier […]