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‘Red Flags’ and other poems

By: Lindsay McLeod RED FLAGS The flowers in her hair dis-turbed the voices in my head and it wasn’t too long beforeI said, (as suave as all get out) ‘Let me slip into somethinga little more comfortable.’I slipped into my…

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By: James Aitchison Forests rustle,we are amongthe living,listening to lightdrip from the moon.No shadowsdarken our world.No earthly struggleshold us back.We harvestour eternal minds,because everything isbalanced within us.

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Current Events

By: Catherine Arra Adagio Or anunmoored 12-barblues, wounded sonataa busted-up nursery rhymeor the lost versespeechless stanzamirrored in minor keysfor mourning, for melancholy,maudlin afterone too manydirty martinis, noolive, loving white sand desertswanting beaches,the notes of mysingle solo played inallegro. No time…

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 ‘Tapestry of Morn’ and other poems

By: Frances Leitch Tapestry of Morn The dawns soft lineThe morning lightThe opening eyeof the sunlit skyThe pearly cloudson the blue field sewnThe taste of warmthin the soul knownTo revel at themountains greensmooth folding hillsFrom which the dawnbehind is seenThe…

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‘Crossing Across’ and other poems

By: Carl Papa Palmer Crossing Across Clear sky, high seventies, hot Seattle afternoon,Mom smiles from the bow of the Bremerton ferryfilled with those photo posed prior to the launch. Deck clears ten minutes into our hour ride, too coldfor others,…

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‘Doll’ and other poems

By: Grzegorz Wróblewski DOLL They say that such places do not exist.I found myself there unexpectedly.There was someone sitting next to me whoreminded me myself from many years ago. He wanted to fold paper into a cube ora little doll….

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‘Reverie Redux’ and other poems

By Bruce Levine Reverie Redux Fluorescent lighting Hovering overhead Transient groups Outlining intervals Of time in a tube Multiscopic vision Projecting data To artificial intelligence Cognitive memory Enhancing realms Infused with dogma Telepathy based society Filled with sensory channels Telekinesis…

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By: Judith Ferster Fevered, unconscious, I was ambulanced to the ER where, worried I had had a stroke, they sent me, I learned later from records, to the nearby wing with a CT scanner and another with an X-ray machine,…