Category: Poetry


By: Tamoha Mukhopadhyay Last night exasperation ravaged my door,Manifesting futile loveMy vanquished soul broke into merciless tremors.The walls of my heart painted surreal shadows. Anguish blared in the tune of my anklets,In […]

A haunting litany

By: Moulay Cherif CHEBIHI HASSANI A haunting litanyOf love that can’t be deniedPainful absenceLoss of fragranceOf a fallen liveHere and there, livedSo much bitterness swallowed! And the end of the road a […]


By: Patrick Tong after K-Ming Chang & Topaz Winters Let us, my father reminds me in our bedroom / kitchen /lobby. Let us forcep the facts, a forensic of friends,first-timers, and foes. […]

Brief Case

By: Alex Andy Phuong A personal caseThat includes aBrief momentIn enigmatic time.Dealing effectivelyWith the sublime.Time does pass byBy and by,Yet the ones whoActually do tryTake the initiative,And move through actionThat could causeReactionsRather […]

Honoring George Floyd

By: Dr. Gulshan Ara (Unarmed George was killed by a white police officer in Minnasota, USA, on May 25, 2020;This poem is dedicated to “George Floyd”) O, George, you are the voice […]

‘Black pool’ and other poems

By: DS Maolalai Black pool something sickly stumblesand shambles from the sea,splasheslike black pools,rippledthrough black water. somethingwhich grows wartsand lank grey feathers,clucks and callsitself Dublin (dubh linn)and spreads itself outsouthward to Brayand […]