Category: Poetry

The Perpetual Penumbra

By: Md. Saber -E- Montaha Darkness feeds on darkness. The bitter sedimenton the bottom of a pestered pastlike the perpetual penumbrasalways crawls giddily greedilyjust beneath the fathomless pool of pleasant possibilities. With […]


By: Alex Andy Phuong Open closeUp and downDoing more than whatOne already knowsMade of glassOr metallicYet neverRemain staticElevate oneselfAnd avoid the problematicBecause everything goesEventuallySo lift oneselfSincerely

The spring awakening

By: Paweł Markiewicz The springtide wakes up not only in dreams.The snowdrops blooming in the moony garths.One listens the propitious paradise.The dearest graylag geese coming in flocks. I think of genus Primula […]