Category: Poetry

Poem: Connection

By: Linda M. Crate intimate dance beneath the sheets two tangoing hearts beating in sync the whole world paused forgotten as breaths beat with the ferocity of an angry rain lashing the […]

Poem: Desire

By: Shailendra Chauhan Translated By: Balkrishna Kabra ‘Etesh’ I left behind Sorrows Adversities I adopted silence No talks I walked Behind them For sometime Who misled me Later I found myself In the […]

Poem: Psych Ward

By: Claire Scott They say a place of healing They say for your own good Doctors with white coats flapping, Starched storks armed with prescription pads like flight attendants. Coffee, tea, wine? Zyprexa, […]

Poem: Les Mots that I lack

By: Desirée Jung Quando aprendi a falar estrangeiro I was amazed by the strangeness Inhabiting my corpo, inside me. As palavras take emotions That search and do not find. São suspiros ininterruptos Surfacing […]