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By: Sandeep Kumar Mishra


In snowy unpigmented drape
Wintry withdrawn world waits
For the warm kiss of the day;
Through the long lonely valley
The elevation blows the glacial gale
To cheer the deep and solemn solitude;
Over the bare upland, a pious sunbeam plays
When the heartless west extends its blast;
But the stormy north sings sleet,
All the field lay bound beneath
A crispy integument of snow,
It withers all in silence to expose the earth
And show its susceptible skeleton life;
I walk to crash crunch beneath my feet
See a dancing darkness in vivid blue,
In an ecstasy the earth drink
The silver lukewarm sunlight;
The beast or bird in their covert rest,
These leafless trees resemble my fate,
A lonely robin with its burning breast
Sits in subtle sweetness of the sun;
How ruby banner of poppies spread
Where the lilies fell asleep but
The rose’s hearts are beating still;
When the fresh sap of earth
Finesse the flaxen flowers;
The snowflakes swarmed in the yard
To beat the feeble window panel,
When, I step in warm chamber,
I wonder how like me
The grief worn threshold stone was?
Distorted and shivering shadows
Upon the dim lighted ceiling;
The colorless clusters of lackluster stars
Ornaments the night bride,
The lenient liquid moon
Slides through bare black branch;
A chamber corner draft swept the night stand;
The cruciform contour of winged craving
Took a fleety flash flight,
I swear to keep every sweet promise
Under a warm furry blanket
Of seed prospect,
God pity all those homeless souls



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