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Search for meaning

By: Kate Noble


If you thought for a moment some guy sits on high

And pulls at our tensed strings from lofty cloud skies

To choose in an instant who lives or who dies

Or how someone acts in the blink of an eye

You’re surer in trusting than me

If you think that world pain and confusion’s unfair

With some holding more than its right they should bear

Seem spirit-propelled by some mystical care

So relief coins can sigh – glad we’re not living there –

You’re surer in trusting than me
If you thought that the answers are written on palms

And motives for reasons stage-managed with charms

Salvation’s prize buried in riddles and balms

So no-one can ever fall foul of cruel harms

You’re surer in trusting than me
If you think that salvation will come if you’re good

Your all-reasoned deeds done so well understood

So no-one will trip you up e’en if they could

‘Cos threads bonding people are thicker than blood

You’re surer in trusting than me
If you ever considered that death for a cause

Or acting as martyr can trigger some pause

And pressure those chosen to call halt to wars

With some high up guy pulling strings in it all

You’re surer in trusting than me
The luck of the charmed ones

The gains from vain good

The conquests of evil

Are ne’er understood


When riddled with doubting and seeking on high

Blind feeling up taught strings finds blanks in the sky

We’re dropped back to earth to find some other guise

– Some role inexplicable, hid from our eyes –

Obliged to hang on for the curtain to rise

I’m surer to trusting this way


When it feels like our moment of reckoning’s here

And feeling abandoned that no-one comes near

We’re offered winged up-lift despite blinding fear

Our shrouded view makes us resist holding dear

If fore-warned we could have raised everyone clear

I’m surer to trusting this way

I struggle to trust what it is that is there

That seems ever more than us, laying us bare

That’s course is incessant, evoking hushed scare

Revealing our raw sides, yet urging our care

Though what we can offer is so hard to spare

I’m surer to trusting this way

I trust that a dark side can offer us light

That searing bright mirrors can show us our plight

We cannot escape such glare try as we might

Its finger-long shadows explore our grim nights

Concealing their mysteries away from our sight

I’m surer to trusting this way.


You ask what the show is if someone’s not there

To script out the answers and dim curious glares?

Who’ll give salve to conscience, reducing our scares?

Some hold on determined they’ll still be found there

When truth shows, it all along rests in our care

I’m surer to trusting this way




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