Category: Poetry

Poem: Ahead

By: John Wells  From the car’s window we look toward a quietude of lightning in the faraway, lightening once in a while, the way fireworks illuminate our decline into the whatever awaiting— the […]


By: Ranjeet Sarpal Effervescence of despair Too pretentious to camouflage its manifestations . Wrinkled face Like over marked page Reluctant smile Like that of a scared girl in a matrimonial picture Miscalculated […]

Poem: Reflections

By: Basit Olatunji Recurring phases, varying faces funny sights, humorous scenes soul-battering banters, nerve-racking manners beautiful cackles, ugly tackles Everything! Still fresh in my macro memory like a morning dew on sprouting fresh […]

Poem: You and Him

By: Sam Rapth It was in those moments when your palm quickly drifted from under his, that I entered the room… In an unpredictable fraction of a second I actually had seen it […]

Poem: phoenix threat

By: Linda M Crate you are a lotus clinging to the water some desperate hymn of color that copies some forgotten symphony of sunset insisting that you’re original, and you can fool […]