Category: Poetry

‘Alkalizing Spirit’ and other poems

By: Scott Thomas Outlar Alkalizing Spirit Pineal gazingto quiet the mindand usher consciousnesstoward a single pointof higher awareness beyond the frantic processof thinking in circlespetting the egoand arguing with selfuntil silence eventuallywins […]

My Feverish Pen

By: Yahuza Usman My Feverish Pen was wallowing in its misery,small enough to subdue its melancholy,bright enough to throw into reliefthe dark plastic that cluttered it. i learned that much rage was […]

The highly sensitive spark

By: Paweł Markiewicz I am a mournful-sublime sparkgentle such elysian seraphic wingsa glimmer that flies above the delicate homelandI the twinkling come from balmy Luther’s starsan orb which is enchanting-comfortable the paradise […]


By: Jim Bates A stuffed animal?No not to the young boyMore than a Christmas giftShe was soft oh so softFluffy and whiteCuddly secureHe called her Snowflake. Sick in the hospitalBright lights glaringMonitors […]


By: Ron Wetherington His skull rests on my desk with others from his family of fossils.The Old Man of La Chapelle-aux-Saints, ill-fated,misinterpreted among the Neanderthals. Cruelly symbolic, still:a dim-witted approximation of humanness, […]

Guitar Lover

By Karen Lee Stradford You’re all plugged in,amplified.Long neck,flat, pear-shapedwonder. I awaitthe piercing soundof your strings. I am happy.You move meto a thunderousapplausewhenever you playThe Blues.