Category: Poetry


By: Victor Azubike Sunsets;Clouds spread like sheets;Evening rush hour;Green light;Speeding cars. Cover of fadingGreen vegetations:Intimations of the dry seasonOn the sidewalkOf a boulevard. Murals,Golden dewdropsAndBushyGerminationOf ideasInFlowerpots byA shadowy horticulturist. Carbon emissions:Pollution by […]

Building for others

By: Elizabeth V.Koshy An excavator pounds the rock,earth moving machines claw outboulders to make boulder-hills,from the first light to evening twilight. Working to the dictates of the concrete mixeryellow-helmeted automatons, apparitions in […]


By: Alan Berger Do you rememberWhat day we met?What time it was?That my shirt was redYou laughedAt everythingThat I said What we drankAnd how manyThe waiter’s name too? I know you don’tBut […]