Category: Poetry

‘Our Innocent Sin’ and other poems by KJ Hannah Greenberg

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Our Innocent Sin Danube’s green-leafed lilies,Weser’s sapphire, silky skin,Elbe’s pure auburn sunlight,                   our innocent sin. Hochblassen’s famous song birds,Zugspitze’s awfully daunting din,Wetterwandeck’s strident silence,                          our innocent sin. Hamburg’s sundry fishing […]

Footprints in the sand

By: Bobby Z The Jyd Conspicuous moments—like footprints in the sand.leave you void of emotions—unresponsive to any commands. evaporating memories—disappear like hidden treasures.complicate your desires—to search for forbidden pleasures. wounded dreams—that fail […]

Beautiful Black Bird, Fly

By: Kelly L. Miller Black bird, beautiful black bird, take flightInto the greyness of the nearest nightThrough the blend of darkest ebony and lightest whiteTo the greatest of brand-new twinkling heights Black […]